Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Big Dream Adventure

with Michelle Magdeline & Molly

The Sleep Adventure begins

Michelle Magdeline and Molly try and try
But they can’t fall asleep when they close their eyes
So they think up adventures for dreams so sweet
And travel to lands of adventures and treats        

Do you want to come too?                                         
But of course bring a friend!                                      
Cuddle up in your blanket  

Back home we go.....poof!     

Night 1

Bouncing ballet on springy mushroom tops                                         
Made of marshmallows, fruit juice and sour gum drops
Molly floats by on an orange jelly ball    
Singing a lovely tune I recall

And fluttering beside me
A whisper butterfly
I close my eyes laughing        

And here we go….whirl!

See Michelle Magdeline and Molly?
Night 2

On the juicy plum sea Molly and I float
With my purple umbrella in our favorite boat
We watch pretty gold fish dance and fly by
As we snack on fresh picked blueberry pie

I love to be lazy
On our dream summer day
It makes me sleepy

Back home we go….whoosh

Michelle Magdeline wears a long wig
Night 3

The Big tent played a tune as we soared in the sky
Powered by bubbles, super favorite surprise
And all the circus animals came with us too
Happily drifting in the sky of light blue

Let’s borrow a bunch of bubbles
Put them in our bath tonight
Fill them all with wishes

Back home we go….splash

Michelle Magdeline LOVES bubbles

Night 4

If I could be as tall as a stately giraffe
And nibble on a licorice forest perhaps
I could wave to Miss Molly who would meow in reply
Let her climb in my arms and swoop her up high

You can see the whole world
From the highest perch
Look! our house over that hill

Back home we go….swoop

Night 5

I love to ride my red bike with Molly out front
We search all over town on a fun treasure hunt
Some flowers, a book, an old key in a chest
Are part of the fun time clues that we guessed 

We will pop into the bakery
Share a cake for our snack
Wrap up all our treasures

Back home we go……munch

Night 6

We skip along brightly colored mountain tops
Made from four flavors of squishy gum drops
Fireflies zip around heart loop de loops
Making magical magnificent stupendous swoops

Molly sees a lollipop
Just ripe enough to pick
Off we bounce along the path

Back home we go....spring

Molly likes to sit up high

Night  7

Sweet smells of strawberries wind through the breeze
Blueberry birds chirp in trees of swiss cheese
Fruit juice and sunshine tickle my nose
Molly purrs happily among the many rows

We will plant a small garden
Under the bedroom window
See it grow as we grow

And here we go…..tip toe

Night 8

Sitting in our treehouse watching clouds glide by
Balloons floating slowly up to bring us apple pie
Sparkle dust settles on my sweater sleeve
Did we spot a pink fairy giggling in the leaves?

What I can imagine
Is magic everywhere
Let us fly with silver wings

Back home we go…..swish

Night 9

The air tastes like mint gum and candy canes
A dusting of icing sugar falls from cloud planes
Molly finds a prize by our giant hat house
And I climb a ladder as quick as a mouse

Catch a falling cupcake
Chocolate frosting and sprinkles
Molly loves to slurp her milk

Back home we go…..munch 

Molly has found a treat on the ground

Night 10

Swinging on mosaic moon, the stars on display
A rainbow of light shines along the Milky Way
Molly zips by in her little rocket ship
Meow, she says, let’s jet home for the trip

The night is like licorice
Dipped in silver sprinkles

Taste a bit then next stop is earth

Back home we go....vroom

Molly loves her rocket

Back Home

Molly and I are sleepy, our thoughts are put away
The big dream adventure is done for today
Big stretch, bigger yawn, cuddle up close
Molly will purr meowzzzz which tickles my nose

Close our eyes and smile
Snuggled in our bed
Tomorrow is another day

And here we go.....shhhhhh

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