Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goodbye lovely chocolate and sinful chips

The time has come to seriously diet.  I have no misconceptions that the next few months will be a lesson in depravation from all of my favorite foods.  I realize that the popular philosophy is lifestyle change, however, I require a severe kick start a la "The Biggest Loser".....although I won't be exercising 24/7.  Diets are diets.  The lifestyle change needs a certain finesse and dedication that is built into the diet.

And this isn't about disliking my body (thank you ancestors for the short legs).  I made peace about being happy in my own skin a long time ago.  This is about removing some chunkage and just feeling better.

I'm starting out with a two-day fast where I will stay near the bathroom and be completely grumpy the entire time.  Did I mention the “size up” wardrobe is officially tight?  I have been relegated to wearing long jackets.  Incidentally a fast is not for everyone and should be engaged in with care.  I am opting for the water, green tea, limited fruit juice and vegetable juice is out and therein lies the personality change I will be undergoing.

After the's all about food in.  I like to calorie count with a concerted effort at limiting carbs.  As I am a graduate from Weight Watchers, I have an excellent idea of correct portion size, increasing metabolism through exercise and for good measure, dropping Frank's hot sauce on my food where possible.  This is not difficult stuff.  We know that devouring too much food helps us gain weight and limiting intake to 1200 calories per day will allow the shocked fatty cells to settle down.  Aging is a killer on metabolism which is why I purchased the proverbial treadmill. 

For me, two solid weeks of not cheating and limiting the red wine (well it's for my heart for goodness sakes), works wonders on the psyche. 

A word about body image.  Don't diet for anyone else but yourself.  Women around the world are thankfully unique in that we are billions of shapes and sizes and personalities.  Hopefully you all have someone that appreciates your identity.  True story....after my youngest was born (15 scant months after my first), I weighed in at 208 5'3", that was quite a sum.  What saved me, what changed my whole image outlook was my husband.  I remember one evening he looked at me and said "you are so beautiful".....he said this in such an honest and authentic way that I believed him and this small act renewed me.

Find someone who makes you feel beautiful to start with......the diet is just secondary.  Read Maya Angelou's poem "Phenomenal Woman" will inspire.

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