Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My family my home

Family is a powerful force.  We are drawn to them in times of need, love, giving, happiness and sorrow.  We celebrate with each other, laugh together, hold one another together and yes we cry when moments needs tears.  There is magic in loving family, that supersedes want.....and families come in all shapes imaginable. 

My husband and I were reminded of this during the holiday season.  We shared Christmas and the new year with siblings and parents, their friends who have become our friends, and we adopted everyone into the fold.  If laughter is song....we sang....and that singing was breathtaking. 

I have made a commitment to myself and this process of turning 50 to stretch my outlook on life and living....where I have sought miracles in the past, I realize that entering this stage and living fully is a miracle itself.  Where I have lost my religion, I have gained faith.  Where I have doubt, I understand that without doubt, there are no questions to explore.

My home is wherever the people I love are.....we will have no address except that which honors our good intentions and imaginations.  My family my home.

So on to new adventures and diets and exercise and admissions of guilty pleasures and face creams and where to shop til you drop, good habits, bad habits, hobbies that can fulfill at any age, food for the soul and soul food, spicing up a 21 year marriage, raising sons, learning until we become 100, hanging your hat on technology and wearing many many hats.

Bring it on 2011......magic is in the air.

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  1. Thank you so very much for your blog on Family- I find these days to be filled with sorrows in my personal life as well as by those around me. I find the burden almost unbearable but your blog has renewed a new sense of strength and priority! A hardening heart for the sake of self-preservation is not the way to go and again I thank you! xox