Friday, February 4, 2011

The art of time

There is an art to spending time and we create this canvas every single day.  There is no one right answer but an entire opera of options and choices.  My best day is one which I can smile over and have caused someone else to do the same.  My lists are simple......I will explore the art of list making in my next blog
The question was posed: "would you give up food or the internet?"
a) On holiday - lose the internet: there should be times to quiet the mind and soul and surround yourself with real laughter not LOL
b) On being creative - lose the internet: original thought is difficult to come by and requires chocolate, wine, inspiration from within and solace
c) On a regular day including travel for work - lose the calories:.... as missing connectivity to friends, family, work and the world would cut my efficiency literally in half.

The internet plays an important role for us if only to stay in touch with those thousands of acquaintencances that bring quality to our lives or searching for information that we would otherwise be bereft of.

The common touch is qualifiable in face time.....the internet is quantifiable through connectivity.

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